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How To Apply For Globe Gcash Card

What is GCASH?

GCASH empowers you to send and receive money, buy prepaid load, pay bills, and do a lot of other money-related transactions, anytime, anywhere with just 1 text message from any Globe or TM cellphone.

I got my Globe Gcash Card now, and it took 2 weeks to arrived. Gcash Card is active and ready for use. Get your customized Gcash Card now. Please ensure that you have at least P100 worth of Gcash in your account for smooth and hassle-free application.

Gcash Card Application:

1. How can I apply for a Globe Gcash Card?
To apply for the Gcash Card, visit or go to this link 
2. How much does the card cost?
The cost of the GCASH Card will be PHP 100.
3. Can I apply for several cards under the same mobile no.?
4. How will I receive the card I applied for?
The GCASH Card will be delivered to the address provided upon registration.
5. How can I follow-up on my application?
Upon completion of the application process, the application page screen will prompt you with your application number. Keep this as a reference of your transaction. They can send an email to and will reply ASAP after 2 weeks of non receipt of the card. GXI team will reply within 24 hours.

Card Design/Customization:

1.Can I personally design my own card?
Yes by uploading your desired picture or image upon registration via portal. We will not crop or edit pictures. It will be printed on the card based on its best-fit on card.
2. Can I still change the picture I submitted?

No. All information submitted upon completion of the application process is final.
3. What is the minimum and maximum size of the picture?
The maximum size of the picture for full customization should not exceed more than 600kb for the ID pictures. However, please note that the quality of the print will depend on the quality of the picture you submitted.

Card Features:

1. What are the benefits of the GCASH Card?
Gcash Card allows you to withdraw your GCASH from any of the 9,000 ATMs nationwide. It also serves as a VALID ID.
2. Can I use my Gcash Card in ANY ATM?
Yes. You can use your GCASH Card across all ATMs, Megalink, Bancnet, Expressnet, Encash etc. in the Philippines.
3. How much will I be charged everytime I withdraw using my Gcash Card?You will be charged P20 for every withdrawal from your Gcash Card regardless of the amount.
4. Could the customer use the Gcash Card as a valid ID?
No but this can be used or presented when doing a regular CASH IN or CASH OUT to our local partners including the business centers.

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