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Anybody Looking for a New Company???

Forward Direct Selling Corporation.

For P3,500 only you can now run a business, get an Income; Get a 28% Rebates in every packages. and had an 80% worth of Products.

How it works?
1. Buy the package
2. Use the products or sell it and earn.

5 Ways to earn...
* 28% Rebates
* Sponsor Commission/Package Sales Bonus
* Product Retailing
* Team Sales Bonus (Package)
* Team Sales Bonus (Product)

Available Product Packages.

Package 1 : P3,500
Package 2 : P10,500
Package 3 :  P 24,500
Package 4 : P52,500
Package 5 : P108,500
Package 6 : P220,500
Package 7 : P445,500
Package 8 : P892,500

Letouche Body Lotion - Whitening Lotion with SPF30 200ml.
Letouche Body Scrub - Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub 800ml.
Letouche Soap - Papaya Soap with Dead Sea Scrub 100g.

Get 28% rebates in every packages. Be ONE OF us Now!!

What are you waiting for? Come and Join us now!

If your interested.. pls. email me @
or message me @

Tnx and Godbless us more!!!

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